DART Trace

DART Trace™ brings real time shot tracking to the DART firearms training simulator. DART Trace tracks the movement of a firearm during all phases of a shot: target acquisition, aim, trigger pull, and follow through. Once a shot is made, the shooter’s aim point can be replayed in real-time along with various data points, which can be used to analyze shooting performance. DART Trace requires an dedicated laser training weapon that is available as an option to the base DART system.

Real-time Shot Tracking

DART Trace tracks shots in real-time. In this screen, the green line shows the trace of the aim point leading up to the shot. The yellow line indicates the aim for one second prior to the shot. The blue line indicates the aim point 0.2 seconds prior to the shot (the time it takes to squeeze the trigger). The red line indicates follow-through after the shot has been made.

  • Use any DART target
  • Set target distance and shot count
  • Save traces as animation files for later review
  • Easy to read gauges show the speed of muzzle movement through all phases of the shot

Shot Statistics

After a round of shots is made, details can be viewed and analyzed in the Stats panel. The Stats panel provides detailed information about each shot including, shot count, score, time to shoot, and tracking information.

Tracking information includes information on the aim and movement of the gun during aim, trigger squeeze, and follow-through phases. Tracking information can be displayed as relative speed or as a percentage of time the aim was fixed on specific areas of the target.