DART Trace

DART Trace brings real-time shot tracking to the DART Range, which is particularly useful for accessing the capabilities of new students.  DART Trace tracks the movement of a firearm (pistol or rifle) during all phases of a shot: target acquisition, aim, trigger pull, and follow through.  Once a shot is made, the shooter’s aim point can be replayed in real time along with various data points, which can be used to analyze shooting performance.

DART Trace requires a specialized training weapon that is available as an option to the DART system.  Documentation for DART Trace can be found here.

Real-time shot tracking.

DART Trace tracks shots in real time and displays muzzle movement speed during target acquisition, trigger-pull, and follow-through.

Shot statistics.

View detailed information about each shot including location, score, and timing. Tracking information includes the movement of the gun during aim, trigger squeeze, and follow-through phases.

DART Trace Features

  • Use any DART target

  • Set target distance and shot count

  • Save traces as animation files for later review

  • Easy to read gauges show the speed of muzzle movement through all phases of the shot