DART Range

Practice critical skills in a limitless variety of realistic digital environments.


Load and run any of the pre-made courses that come with the system, optional courses developed by our training staff, or create your own using DART Creator or DART Studio.


Quickly generate practice courses with your choice of target, distance, shot count, and time limit to allow officers to benefit from short training sessions without the need for a system administrator.


DART Range provides a detailed after-action review after each course and practice session showing the impact, score, and timing of each and every shot.


Track the movement of a pistol or rifle (optional) during all phases of a shot: acquisition, aim, trigger pull, and follow through. Once a shot is made, the shooter’s aim point can be replayed in real-time, which can be used to analyze shooting performance.

N Run courses developed in DART Creator and Studio

N Extremely simple calibration – even in a lighted room

N Pass/fail grade based on total score or percentage of hits

N Fast and accurate shot detection

N Run quick practice sessions with adjustable rules

N Trace your aim through all phases of a shot

DART Creator

Develop and customize your own qualification courses to meet your department’s exact training objectives.


DART includes more than 100 targets, and you can create your own. Each can have up to eight hit zones, and each zone can be assigned a unique point value and sound that will play when hit.


One drawback of targets on a live range is that they are generally static. Targets in DART Creator can travel at any speed and in any direction.


Affect the outcome of a course based on criteria you assign. For example, a target can change from a non-threat to a threat over time using an intuitive point-and-click interface.


DART courses are made up of one or more stages – each with its own rules and requirements. Control timing, ammunition, mandatory hit zones, minimum score, and more.

N Run courses developed in DART Creator and Studio

N Extremely simple calibration – even in a lighted room

N Pass/fail grade based on total score or percentage of hits

N Fast and accurate shot detection

N Run practice sessions without rules or requirements

N Show the speed of movement through all phases of a shot

DART Studio

Enhanced courseware creation software with 3D characters, environments, and video.


DART Studio is used to create an expanded variety of courses and decision-making scenarios that go well beyond qualification courses. Studio adds options for 3D props, realistic human characters, and video sequences.


A breakthrough in simulation training, TruTargets are 3D people that move and react realistically within the simulation. Infinitely more flexible than video, TruTargets can move and change without human intervention. Learn more about TruTargets here.

Video Sequences

Interactive 3D graphics offer many advantages over video-based systems, but video can offer a high level of realism. DART offers the best of both worlds by supporting video sequences while retaining the advantages of a 3D world.

3D Environments

People interact and take advantage of entrances, exits, and cover. These structures are referred to as props in DART and can be easily added, removed, and moved around the scene with the mouse in real-time.

N Everything in DART Creator, plus…

N TruTargets – realistic 3D characters with behaviors
N Customizable 3D environments using props and lights
N Video sequences
N Combine flat targets with TruTargets and video sequences
N Customizable behaviors for targets and characters
N Definable TruTarget mortality define rules to stop a threat

N Set bullet penetration for each prop

Visible Weapon

Augment live-fire instruction by familiarizing students with the mechanics of a working pistol.

Using realistic 3D graphics and interactive animation, the Visible Weapon communicates information visually in a way that improves comprehension and understanding.

With our innovative parts explorer, individual parts can be visible, hidden, or rendered in X-ray mode. This allows users to customize their view in a variety of ways that reveal the inner mechanics of the GLOCK 19 in a way impossible to do in the real world.

The cycle of operations shows the precise movement of each part during the firing, ejecting, and reloading sequences. Hide and isolate any part – or group of parts – during the animation sequence, allowing for an unprecedented understanding of the mechanics behind the weapon.

The DART Visible Weapon can even be run without a DART system using a Windows computer.