DART Range

DART Range is the heart of the DART system and allows you to practice critical firearms skills in a limitless variety of realistic digital environments. DART Range features detailed After-Action Review and allows you to run an unlimited number of courses of fire and specialized drills developed in DART Creator and DART Studio. DART Range is included with every DART system.

DART Creator

DART Creator is included at no extra charge with each DART system and is used to develop  qualification courses of fire specific to a department’s training objectives. Courses are made up of one or more stages – each with its own target, scoring options, requirements, and rules. Creator’s powerful features are rolled up in an interface that is exceptionally easy to use.

DART Experience

DART Experience allows the DART firearms simulator to be used as a training tool for potential recruits, civilian, or youth groups. Ideal for outreach programs. Originally developed for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library as part of their FBI exhibit, DART Experience completely automates running courses of fire for one or two shooters – even providing after action review – without intervention from a system administrator.

DART Studio

DART Studio is a powerful add-on program used to create an expanded variety of courses, decision-making scenarios, and simulations that go well beyond qualification courses. DART Studio adds options for 3D props, rooms, and realistic human characters. DART Studio is an optional software upgrade to the DART system.

Visible Weapon

Visible Weapon is designed to augment live-fire instruction by familiarizing students with the mechanics of a GLOCK 19 including its individual parts, function, and cycle of operation. Using realistic 3D graphics and interactive animation, the Visible Weapon series communicates information visually in a way that stimulates learning and improves comprehension and understanding. Visible Weapon is an optional software program for the DART system.