The key to the DART training system is using it to practice and improve. There is no other product in the world, that I am aware of, that allows any department, big or small to finally coach and train the way we should.

David Verdier

Police Accreditation Manager, Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport

Using the DART system allows us to train and practice inherently dangerous drills, like off-hand shooting, malfunctions, and reloading, anytime and anywhere under conditions which give more control and reduces liability. This system is a must have.

Lieutenant T. Derrick Becton

City of Altamonte Springs Police Department

We’ve got a couple of new officers that we’ve run through DART for qualifications, who don’t have any firearms experience, and we’re watching them improve as they’re running through the drills. The level of proficiency increase is just amazing.

Sergeant John Myers

Rangemaster, Mendota Police Department

We’re just scratching the surface of the possibilities this system offers, they are endless. The benefits for us have been seen immediately on the range during live fire and have assisted many of our shooters. Our virtual round count is almost 30,000 virtual rounds as of this week. 

Donald Kiefhaber

Range Master, St. Petersburg College of Public Safety

More than a year later and Dart Range is still proving to be a great training solution for our department.

Christopher Forrester

Support Services, Niceville Police Department

By the end of the first training session, I saw improvement in overall shooting scores. I believe this is going to be a tremendous help to our department as well as a morale booster.

Chris Barnes

Administrative Lt. - Evidence and Training, Cocke County Sheriff's Office

We have seen a significant improvement in marksmanship during qualification after a mandated DART initiative.

Adam Bolton

Police Chief, City of Umatilla Police Department

It has been worth the money! I spent four days on it with a problem shooter who was then able to pass the SQC on the first try without wasting ammo.  I was able to design courses to work with her individual issues. Had another one that I worked a few days with and had the same result. 

Lt. Tony Bobbitt

Sumter County Sheriff’s Office

I’m very impressed with the DART system.  We have used it with new hires prior to live fire training to build basic skills and assess the shooter’s needs, and in conjunction with block training to expand scenario-based active shooter at a training site of an actual building. Training with DART dramatically increases skills that are potentially dormant with shooters and helps build confidence prior to live fire.

Lt. Paul Normann

Training Section Lieutenant, Clay County Sheriff’s Office

DART allows our officers to be exposed to much more firearms training with a significant decrease in cost and man-hours.

Lieutenant Colonel Tom Burrell

Pennsylvania Bureau of Law Enforcement