DART Range Documentation

This documentation will explain the various commands of DART Range including setup and calibration.

DART Creator Documentation

DART Creator comes with each DART system and is used to create the courses of fire used in DART Range.

DART Studio Documentation

DART Studio is an optional program similar to DART Creator, but with advanced features that allow it to create courses with realistic human characters, video sequences, and 3D environments.

Quick Start Guide

If you’re looking to jump right in and start using your DART system with minimal reading, this guide is for you. The DART Quick Start Guide covers hardware setup and calibration.

DART Red Fire Courses

Free sample DART courses that can be used with the DART Red Fire controller. Learn more about DART Red Fire here.

Download the zip file from the link below to your DART system. Unzip the file to your desktop and drag the new DART Data folder to your existing DART 4 folder.


Because DART was designed to be extremely portable, we made sure that calibration (the process of aligning DART’s camera and projector) is quick and easy. Once you learn how to calibrate DART, it will take a lot less time than watching this video.

Find more training and tutorial videos here.

Legacy Documentation

Documentation and tutorials for previous DART versions can be found here. Remember, you can always upgrade to the latest version of DART for free.

Live Training

If you find yourself needing a little extra help, we have several options for you. You can schedule an hour of free online training with a DART expert here.

For more intensive training, we offer a free day of training in Orlando on the first Friday of each month. Training is limited to two participants per department with a maximum of three departments per class. Schedule a training day here, or contact us for more information.