When thinking about firearms training for your police department, here are three important points to consider…

1. Current methods of firearms training can leave officers dangerously unprepared.


Because of the cost and logistics involved, firearms training usually involves long, dedicated sessions that are soon over. This infrequent approach does not promote long-term learning or skill retention. This often results in officers who are unprepared and lack confidence in their abilities.

2. The only way to long-term skill retention and expertise is through frequent and consistent practice.


Numerous studies show that muscle memory, skill development, and retention require frequent training sessions. These sessions can be very short – even a few minutes – but they need to be done regularly and consistently over time to provide skill mastery and confidence.

3. DART Range is a better approach to firearms training.


DART Range solves the problem of ill-prepared officers by providing a training platform that is practical enough to use daily/weekly, yet capable of supporting intense training in a wide variety of critical skills. And the entire system is sensibly priced to fit comfortably within the budget of even the smallest departments.

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