Nothing is static. That’s particularly true of dangerous encounters in the field. Things can move fast and police officers need to be prepared to respond accordingly. Yet firearms training almost always involves static targets and stationary shooters.

Live-fire ranges limit the motion of targets and shooters because of serious concerns for shooter safety, but it also happens in video-based training simulators where target movement is limited by outdated technology, and shooter movement is restricted by the confines of the simulator “cave”.

DART moves beyond static training. It isn’t limited by the safety concerns of live ammunition, and it uses the latest 3D technology to simulate multiple, intelligent, rapidly-moving targets. Combine that with a training program that requires your officers to move while practicing and you’ve got a platform that provides better training and moves your departments’ training goals forward.

And because DART is the most affordable firearms simulator available, it can move through your approval process quickly too.

Watch US Police Instructor Teams use DART in their Advanced Firearms Training class and listen to law enforcement agencies who discuss their reasons for using DART to augment their firearms training.


Training should go to the people, not the other way around.

DART was designed with mobility in mind. In fact, it’s the first firearms simulator to integrate computer and optical components in a package this small. Measuring just 6x5x3 inches and weighing under two pounds, DART truly allows firearm training to take place anywhere, any time.


Critical training can and should be within everyone’s reach.

In a perfect world, everyone would have access to proper training. Of course, there will always be high-end systems that push the boundaries of capabilities, if not departmental budgets, but DART focuses on delivering critical core firearm training at an extremely affordable price. After all, what good is even the world’s best training if you can’t afford to get it into the hands of the people who need it?


Powerful and affordable aren’t mutually exclusive.

Don’t let its size (or price) fool you. DART is small by design but fully loaded with useful features. DART is built around a powerful 3D simulator capable of handling everything from qualification courses to scenarios and situation awareness drills. All DART systems include DART Creator software that makes it easy to create or modify existing courses to suit your department’s needs.


Simple is better than complex.

From setting up the hardware to using the software, everything about DART was designed to be effortless. Software commands and options are easily mastered, which means that you’ll spend your time training, not training to train. DART will never be relegated to the closet because the person who knew how to use it not available. Even our user manuals and pricing structure is simple because simple is better.

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