A new way of thinking about simulation training.

In order to be used frequently, training must be readily accessible. That means that it must be priced so that a department can afford to implement it. It must support the development of a wide variety of skill sets. And it must be easy enough for anyone to set up and use. Take away any of these, and you’re left with training that won’t be used as often as it needs to be.

DART directly addresses the need for portability, affordability, capability, and ease of use to make frequent and effective law enforcement training a reality. After all, what good is even the world’s best training if you can’t get it into the hands of the people that need it?

Removing the limitations of traditional training.

Law enforcement is inherently high-risk work, and nothing is as important as making sure that our officers receive proper training. We know that skill mastery requires repetition; however, this is often easier said than done due to the expense, time, and manpower required to facilitate frequent training.

This introductory video describes how DART overcomes the limitations of traditional training methods to help bring frequent and effective firearms training to police departments of all sizes.

The essential elements of accessible training.

Several in-depth studies from FLETC, INTERPOL, and others have proven simulation training to be a highly effective tool for law enforcement, but it must be accessible in order to do the most good. These are the essential elements that DART incorporates to bring the benefits of simulation training to every department. Read more about our design philosophy here.


A training system must be small and flexible enough to turn any space into a training center.


To be truly accessible, simulation training must be at a price point within the reach of all departments.


Courseware and scenarios must be versatile, realistic, customizable, and offer repeat training value.


Powerful features won’t mean a thing if the system is too difficult to learn and use. Setup should be effortless.

Once you’ve seen the highlights, see it live.

Browse around to learn more about the DART system. When you’re ready, schedule a live online demo to see what makes it the best training solution of its kind.

And be sure to visit our customers page. Chances are pretty good that you’re in close proximity to a department already training with DART.