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Since 1992, Digimation has been an innovative leader in the 3D industry. We continue to offer cutting-edge solutions in the areas of virtual training and simulation, 3D content, and software tools for 3D users. Our customers include leading companies in the training, simulation, entertainment, commercial, and visualization industries.

Our goal has always been to be the very best at what we do – no small task when you consider the many excellent companies in our industry – so it’s especially nice when the industry takes notice. For the past twelve consecutive years, Digimation has been recognized by Military Training & Simulation Magazine as one of the Top Simulation and Training Companies that have made a significant impact in the simulation industry. We’ve also been recognized throughout the years with awards for “Product Innovation”, for our technological advances in training and simulation.


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Use the handy form at the bottom of the page or email us with any questions or inquiries. You may also call (407) 833-0600 between 9 am and 5 pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday. For those visiting our offices, please note our new address: 1515 International Parkway, Suite 2013 Lake Mary, Florida 32746.


The DART Story

As a defense training and simulation company, we get to work on some pretty interesting projects. One of them was an interactive weapon simulator for the FBI. At the time, instructors were using a PowerPoint presentation and photos to explain the mechanics of a GLOCK 19, but it was impossible to show the inner workings of a functioning pistol. Working with their instructor, we created an interactive program that allows students to manipulate a realistic digital replica of the pistol and turn any part of it on, off, or transparent – all while the gun is firing. The finished program provides an amazing view into the inner workings of a pistol.

During the development phase, we worked closely with weapon instructors, and it was during one of those meetings that we were asked a random, but very interesting question.

“Why are virtual [small arms] training systems so big and expensive?”

Our customer explained that the virtual small arms training (VSAT) systems they were using were not easy to move – or afford – and that it was preventing their widespread adoption within law enforcement.

It was a good question and got us thinking.

Shortly after delivering the finished GLOCK trainer, we attended the I/ITSEC tradeshow (the largest training and simulation show in the world), and spent some time talking with VSAT users and developers. Our first realization was that the computing power needed to drive these simulations could indeed fit into a small and affordable package. That left the software.

Three months after I/ITSEC we had a working prototype, which we demonstrated to a small group of customers. We were very encouraged by the feedback we received – so much so that we decided to develop the full commercial system available now.

We didn’t build DART by looking at other systems. Instead, we started with four goals in mind. It had to be portable. Really portable. It had to be affordable to even the smallest department. It had to be powerful enough to provide truly beneficial training, and it had to be easy to use. We think we’ve met each of those goals, but we’re just getting started. The features planned for future versions of DART are amazing.

And it all started with “why”.


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