The DART MAX system you purchase today will be even better tomorrow.

This page tracks new features, enhancements, and improvements made to DART MAX.

Version 1.1

Timer Objects
Timers are definable stopwatches that can measure any event in a stage.

Timer Trigger
The Timer trigger can check if a particular Timer object is less than, equal to, or greater than a specified time.

Change Timer Action
This behavior can be used by any object to start, stop, reset, or change the color of a Timer object.

Picture in a Picture Navigation
Now when you are in Overview mode and select a Viewpoint object, a movable window will appear showing what the selected Viewpoint sees and making it easier to place scene cameras.

Course Explorer Improvements
The Course Explorer now uses color icons to denote which objects have assigned motions and behaviors. In addition, Light objects now show their assigned colors, making them easier to differentiate in the Course Explorer.

Pop-up Reactive Target
A new type of popper target has been added that allows you to assign any flat target to it. This provides a way to have popper targets with variable hit zones.

Popper Target Improvements
Now you can adjust the speed of the target as it raises and lowers. In addition, you can assign a sound to play whenever the target rises.

Object Replace Enhancements
Now when you Replace a scene object using the Edit command, you have the option of replacing just the Object, Behaviors, Motion, or some combination of those settings.

Attack Behavior
A new action called Attack allows a character to kill or wound other characters in a stage.

Conversation Motion
TruTargets now have a conversation motion.

Audio Instruction
If the Instruction Type is set to Text or Image, you are now able to add an audio file that will play when instructions are shown.

Vehicle Improvements
Most vehicles can now be rendered in seven different colors (light grey, dark grey, black, brown, green, red, and blue) and the driver door can be opened and closed using the Animated Effect slider.

Change Reactive Target Behavior
A new action allows you to raise and lower popper and pop-up targets and adjust the speed and swing angle of swinger targets.

Fatal Shots
The after-action review will now show the shot that killed a TruTarget in a highlighted color so that it is easy to see which shot (or whose shot) actually killed the character.

Adjustable Field of View (FOV)
For installations that project an image smaller than 13 feet wide, the FOV option can increase the apparent size of targets and objects without changing the distance.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Improved calibration with the addition of a new Threshold slider. Calibration is even faster and can now be done in rooms that are completely dark or filled with light.
  • If no object is selected in the viewport, you can no longer select the Behaviors menu.
  • Popper target scoring has been fixed so that points are awarded only after knocking down a target. For example, if Hits to Fall is set to 3, points will only be awarded on the third hit (when the targets falls).
  • Decals on floor and ceiling objects are now placed correctly instead of perpendicular to the object. Also, decals are now placed closer to the object’s surface.
  • Scoring for targets with penetration has been adjusted so that points are awarded on the first target hit only (not the last object hit).
  • Bullet hole graphics have been improved.
  • A new camera icon has been added to the DART MAX toolbar. When the camera is initialized, the icon is active. If the camera is not initialized, the icon is ghosted.
  • Fixed a bug where shots fired at the very end of one stage would be repeated in a following stage.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the viewpoint from changing to a TruTarget view using behaviors.
  • Fixed a bug in which video instructions would be displayed too large on the laptop screen in DART MAX.