The next generation of firearm simulation training has arrived.

Leading edge technology.

Portable design.

Limitless training options.

Advanced courseware creation.

Unmatched realism.

Sensibly priced.



The last thing other companies want to talk about is the first thing we’ll address.

If you’ve been searching for a training simulator, you’ve probably noticed that it’s difficult to find pricing information.

We believe in a more transparent approach.

A complete DART MAX system comes at a remarkable price point of less than $30,000. Software updates are free and an optional extended warranty is available for 10% of the purchase price – a stark contrast to companies imposing a 35% annual maintenance fee.

Now that you know how affordable DART MAX is, wait until you see what it does.

Significant advantages of simulation training.

DART MAX offers a secure setting to learn, practice, and perfect vital firearms and related skills, all while mitigating the inherent risks associated with live-fire exercises.

DART MAX eliminates expenses associated with live-fire training including ammunition costs, range fees, and equipment maintenance.

Training frequency is a critical factor in maintaining and improving firearm skills. DART MAX removes the barriers to frequent training so that practice can occur as often as needed.

Live-fire training is impractical for many crucial skills. DART MAX offers a way to practice indispensable field techniques that are simply impossible to replicate on a live-fire range.


DART MAX requires very little space, so it can transform virtually any room into a training center and move easily between locations.


The main deterrent to simulation training has always been the cost of ownership, so DART MAX is reasonably priced and budget-friendly.

Easy to Use

Large simulators are known for being difficult to learn and use. DART MAX is intuitively designed and can be set up and used by a single person.

Accessible training.

While all simulation training offers advantages compared to live-fire, it doesn’t mean that all firearm simulators are created equal.

Firearm simulators vary significantly in capabilities, size, and cost, so it’s important to know what separates DART MAX from a field of options.

Firearms and related skills are only developed through frequent and effective training, but that can’t occur if a simulation system is too large, too expensive, or too complex to use, so DART MAX starts by eliminating the barriers inherent in traditional simulation training.

Effective training.

In addition to the features that make it accessible, DART MAX includes all of the capabilities you would expect in a premier firearm simulator, such as support for multiple weapons and shooters, and adds features not found in any competing system.

Compare these DART MAX features with any other firearm simulator at any price.



DART MAX uses the latest hardware and software technology resulting in the most capable system today and a platform that will last well into the future.

Limitless Training Options

With the most extensive set of tools ever offered, DART MAX provides focused and effective firearms training for hundreds of skill sets at varying levels of proficiency.

Mission Specific

Every organization has its unique requirements. DART MAX gives you the ability to create and share courseware, which allows you to tailor content to the specific needs of your team.


The realistic and immersive visuals in DART MAX capture the attention of students and keeps them engaged, which is essential for maintaining focus throughout training.


The DART MAX system you buy today will be even better tomorrow.

Have you noticed that firearm simulators haven’t changed very much over the years? They still cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, require massive rooms, and use pre-recorded movies to represent dynamic events – just as they did more than three decades ago.

DART MAX is completely new – designed and built with the best technology of today but with tomorrow in mind. So, unlike obsolete video-based systems which are destined for the closet, DART MAX is a platform capable of expanding as new innovations come online.


DART MAX uses the same computer hardware found in simulators costing ten times more. Our OptiTrack cameras, for example, feature high frame rates and powerful onboard processing so shot tracking is fast and accurate.

It makes you wonder why simulators costing ten times more, cost ten times more.


Within the first few minutes of seeing DART MAX, you’ll know that it’s on another level. Under the hood, MAX software is capable of producing astonishingly realistic simulations. On the surface, MAX is a model of simplicity. Controls and options are logically laid out and exceptionally easy to use.


Training that requires the student to go to it will never be used as much as training that goes to the student, so we designed DART MAX to fit in a single 24×16×10 inch case and made it easy to set up and take down. MAX is always ready to go where it is needed most, eliminating one of the largest barriers to frequent training.


3D graphics take firearm simulation training to a new dimension. 2D video scenarios suffer from bad acting, limited options, and a host of technical limitations that make them poorly suited to interactive firearms training. 3D technology removes these limitations to provide a better overall experience than video.

Training Options

With firearm training, one size doesn’t fit all.

There are hundreds of skills associated with firearms training. In addition, students have varying levels of proficiency, which require a combination of methods to provide complete and effective firearms training. A static silhouette might work in one situation, whereas human characters might be needed in another.

For decades, traditional firearm simulators have only offered pre-recorded video clips and a few basic targets to work with. These limitations have forced training to conform to the capabilities of the simulator instead of the needs of the team.

DART MAX combines an unprecedented number of tools, including 2D targets, 3D targets, realistic 3D people, props, video, and more, all seamlessly integrated into a single realistic 3D environment. The result is more varied and compelling training that can be tailored to specific training goals.

2D Targets

Video Scenarios

Reactive Poppers

3D Targets

Roger's Range

Dynamic Lighting

Detailed 3D Environments

TruTarget Characters

Innovative Video Targets

Dynamic Viewpoints

Courseware Authoring

Create skill drills, courses, and scenarios without leaving your desk.

Every organization has its unique challenges and requirements. That’s why we make it possible to tap into the real power of DART MAX by building your own drills, courses, and scenarios with the most advanced courseware authoring tools ever offered for a firearm simulator.

This makes it possible to tailor training content to the specific needs of your team, leading to more effective training and better-prepared individuals.

When you design a training program everyone can use, everyone uses it. That’s the idea behind DART MAX, which uses a simple drag-and-drop approach to running courses and practice sessions, creating skill drills, and building courseware. Program options are intuitively designed, so you’ll spend your time training and less time learning how to operate a simulator.

Unmatched Realism

The main task of a simulator is to replicate real world environments and situations.

DART MAX sets the standard for visual fidelity in a firearm simulator. Human characters in particular look, move, and behave realistically – including facial expressions. Why do we place such a high value on realism?

You are training the “X-Box” generation. Realistic visuals are required to capture the attention of students and keep them engaged. This engagement is essential for maintaining focus throughout training, which leads to better retention and skill development.

And isn’t that the point of simulation training?


Everything you’d expect in a $150,000 simulation system for about $120,000 less.

DART MAX incorporates all of the features you would expect in a premiere training simulator, such as support for multiple weapons and shooters, an extensive selection of training weapon options, detailed after-action review, point-of-aim tracing, and branching outcomes – and does it all at a price that makes leading-edge simulation training available to everyone.

  • Multiple Weapons – up to six weapons can be used simultaneously
  • Detailed After-Action Review – shot time, placement, and grouping info

  • More than 100 Targets – over one hundred 2D and 3D targets included
  • Point of Aim Tracing – track muzzle point of aim and movement speed

  • Instructor Controls – change targets, distances, and branching on-the-fly

  • Accurate Shot Detection – fast and accurate shot detection

  • Branching Outcomes – incorporate unlimited branching outcomes
  • Course Sharing – package and share courses with other DART MAX users

  • Courseware Authoring – create virtually any kind of drill or scenario

  • Multiple Environments – choose from a variety of indoor and outdoor scenes

Now that you’ve seen some of the highlights, we invite you to see DART MAX for yourself. We offer a live online demonstration where we’ll discuss the benefits of simulation training and show you how DART MAX can help take your your training program to the next level.