DART hardware and accessories.

A basic DART system includes the DART computer in a soft-sided carry case, projector, speaker, and a standard laser training pistol of your choice. We also offer an optional travel case and a variety of simulated weapons.

The DART System

Processing and optics are neatly integrated into one compact design. No need for a separate computer.

DART can be used on a tabletop or portable cart for a portable solution – or mounted to the ceiling.

Measuring just 6x5x3 inches, DART truly allows training to take place anywhere.

DART offers an optional wide-angle lens for compatibility with a short-throw projector.

Audio video bundle.

The A/V bundle includes a projector and high-output external speaker perfectly matched to the DART system. For smaller training rooms, an optional short-throw projector allows the DART system to be positioned just three feet away from a wall or screen.

Road warrior.

The optional DART travel package includes a rugged, wheeled hard case with a padded interior large enough to hold a complete DART system, projector, speaker and two laser training pistols. In addition, the package includes a 15-foot extension cord and a multi-outlet surge suppressor. Everything you need to take DART on the road or keep it secure at home.


Training pistols.

DART supports a wide variety of laser training pistols with recoil and non-recoil options. All pistols feature removable magazines, invisible IR lasers, and compatibility with duty holsters.

SIRT training pistols have a realistic weight and feel and feature a metal slide. Available in GLOCK, Smith & Wesson M&P, and SIG P320 form factors.

Smart Firearms includes an advanced sensor to detect unintended trigger guard incursions. Available in GLOCK and Smith & Wesson M&P form factors.

A wide variety of airsoft pistols can be used with the DART system. These guns use compressed air to provide a simulated recoil and a vibration activated laser to generate the laser pulse.

The Smart Firearms X2 has a realistic shape and feel and fits properly into Taser X2 style holsters. Fires two red aiming lasers and two IR lasers and features a functional safety lever and trigger.

Train with your own handgun with a laser bullet kit that features an invisible laser pulse and is compatible with .223, 9mm, 40S&W, and 45ACP caliber firearms. Shotgun adapters also available.

Training rifles.

DART supports a wide variety of laser training rifles with recoil and non-recoil options.

Airsoft rifles use a rechargeable battery to simulate recoil. A vibration activated laser attached to the end of the barrel generates a invisible IR laser pulse.

The Smart Firearms SF-M4 training rifle features a round counter which tells the gun to go “empty” after a set number of rounds, rumble motor, trigger guard incursion alarm, and invisible IR laser.

The Auto-Resetting Trigger System for the AR-15 turns your duty rifle into a laser training device. Every time you pull the trigger, an invisible IR laser shoots down the barrel and the trigger is automatically reset. The training bolt and magazine can be easily removed to revert your weapon back to ready status.

Watch a short installation video here.