Red Fire

Laser-based shootback system for DART and DART MAX.

DART Red Fire™ is an optional accessory for DART and DART MAX that can activate compatible third-party devices in the real world when pre-defined events happen inside a simulation. This allows you to combine elements from both the virtual and real worlds in your training sessions.

For example, it may be used to trigger the lights on a SKIFTECH vest when a shot is fired from a target or subject within the simulator.

The Red Fire controller attaches via a USB cable. Once connected, it acts as a wireless remote control to one or more compatible devices placed inside the training area. Red Fire features two modes – narrow and wide – which can be used to activate devices in a specific area of the room or anywhere in the training area.

Off the X

Trainers often refer to “getting off the X” as a tactical strategy involving moving from a static position so you do not become an easy target in a gunfight. It’s one of the hardest skills to teach on the range because safety parameters typically restrict how much movement can occur, especially when other shooters are oriented on either side.

Cover Training

Set Red Fire to Wide Mode, and use a sensor vest to detect a room-wide “shot” that will activate unless the trainee is behind cover.

Wide mode can also be used effectively for time-based drills. For example, a room-wide shot can be tied to an event inside the DART simulator that requires the trainee to hit a target a specific number of times before a defined time. If the student performs as required, the vest will be prevented from activating.

The Skiftech tactical vest fits comfortably over a trainee’s clothing and uses multiple sensors to capture hits from simulated gunfire or explosions. The vest records “hits” from targets and TruTargets within the simulator to different areas of the body with flashing lights and sound.

The vest features an 8-hour battery life and can provide training instructors with visual and aural feedback when a trainee is hit by shots fired from DART or DART MAX simulators.

Training Weapons

Laser-based training weapons for DART and DART MAX.

DART and DART MAX support training weapons from Smart Firearms, Next Level Training, Mantis, Laser Ammo, Dvorak Instruments, DryFireMag, Haptech, and more. Choose from recoil (DART MAX only) and non-recoil versions of inert dedicated training weapons or drop-in kits used to convert live firearms into laser-based training firearms.

Recoil Weapons

DART MAX supports a wide range of recoil-enabled training weapons including gas recoil pistols and electric recoil rifles. Recoil pistols are available as inert dedicated training guns, while recoil kits from Dvorak Instruments are designed to convert a live firearm into a simulation-ready weapon without permanent modification.

Recoil weapons are supported in the DART MAX system.

Non-Recoil Weapons

Dedicated non-recoil training weapons are available in pistol, rifle, and shotgun options. Non-recoil weapons are inexpensive, durable, and require very little maintenance. Another benefit of our non-recoil weapons is that they can support multiple weapons IDs (DART MAX only), and aim trace functionality.

Taser X2

The Smart Firearms TASER X2 has a realistic feel and shape and features two red aiming lasers and two IR lasers. The X2 holsters properly into TASER X2 style holsters and includes a functional safety lever and trigger.

Projection Screen

Full-sized portable screen for DART MAX.

The DART MAX projection screen measures 13 feet wide x 8 feet tall and comes in a sturdy wheeled case. Design simplicity and rugged components enable it to withstand the rigors of repeated setups and teardowns and the flat viewing surface offers better image quality and shot accuracy.