The world’s most portable and affordable firearm simulation training system.

Incredibly portable.

Amazingly affordable.

Easy to learn and use.

Full courseware creation.

Feature packed.



Great news for the 90%.

Ninety percent of police departments in the US have fewer than one hundred officers, so simulation training that costs $100,000 or more isn’t going to work, no matter how good the training is.

We understand.

That’s why we priced a complete DART system at less than $11,000. Software updates are free and an optional extended warranty is available for 10% of the purchase price.

Now that you know how affordable DART is, wait until you see what it can do for you.

Significant advantages of simulation training.

DART offers a secure setting to learn, practice, and perfect vital firearms and related skills, all while mitigating the inherent risks associated with live-fire exercises.

DART eliminates expenses associated with live-fire training including ammunition costs, range fees, and equipment maintenance.

Frequency is a critical factor in maintaining and improving firearm skills. DART removes the barriers to frequent training so practice can occur as often as needed.

Live-fire training is impractical for many crucial skills. DART offers a way to practice indispensable field techniques that are impossible to replicate on a live-fire range.


DART is the most compact firearm simulator ever developed, so it can transform any room into a training center and go where it’s needed.


The price of a complete DART system is a small fraction of traditional simulation training – eliminating the biggest barrier to frequent training.

Easy to Use

DART is designed to be easy to set up and use because when you design a training program everyone can use, everyone does.

Accessible Training

Firearms and related skills are only developed through frequent and effective training, so DART eliminates the barriers that prevent frequent training. For example, having to travel to a training destination makes it less accessible, which means that it will be used less.


A breakthrough of incredible proportions.

Being small is a big deal.

It stands to reason that training that requires an officer to leave the building will not be used as much as training located within the building. That’s why we made DART small enough to turn any space into a training center – eliminating one of the largest barriers to frequent training.

Train anywhere.

DART requires very little space, so it can transform virtually any room into a training center. This allows you to train in environments that other simulators wouldn’t think of going, such as a lobby, school hallway, or even a stairwell. This offers some significant benefits. Imagine running down a hall and performing an actual room entry before an encounter instead of watching the same sequence unfold in a video scenario.

Go anywhere.

DART comes packaged in a single 23×15×10 inch wheeled case so it can go where it’s needed. DART can be set up by a single person in a matter of a few minutes – and take down and storage is easy too.

Training Options

DART has the right tools for the job.

There are hundreds of skills associated with firearms training. In addition, students have varying levels of proficiency, which require a combination of methods to provide complete and effective firearms training. A static target may work in one situation, whereas a moving target with multiple points of cover might be needed in another.

DART uses 2D targets, 3D people, props, and video to create drills and courses for a variety of needs. The result is more varied and compelling training that can be tailored to specific training goals.

2D Targets



Video Scenarios

Courseware Authoring

Create drills and courses without leaving your desk.

As training needs change and evolve, so should your training content. This is why DART was designed around tools that make it possible to create courseware targeted specifically to your needs.

Use traditional 2D targets, 3D people, and props along with rules, requirements, and behaviors to build courses and drills that focus on specific skills you want your team to develop. 


Portable system. Powerful accessories.

DART System

DART includes everything you need to get started including the DART computer system with an integrated camera, projector, speaker, mouse, keyboard, and all required cables. Training weapons are chosen and purchased separately.

Training Weapons

DART supports training weapon options from Smart Firearms, Next Level Training, Mantis, Laser Ammo, DryFireMag, and more. Choose from inert dedicated training weapons or drop-in kits used to convert live firearms into laser-based training firearms.

DART Red Fire

The Red Fire™ controller is an optional accessory for DART and DART MAX simulators that can activate devices in the real world when pre-defined events happen inside a simulation. For example, Red Fire can trigger lights on a vest when a trainee is shot by a target or subject within the simulator.


Features you wouldn’t expect from such an affordable training simulator.

DART includes features you wouldn’t expect to find in such an affordable training system, like detailed after-action review, point-of-aim tracing, and interactive 3D graphics. It even includes a few features that you won’t find in simulators costing substantially more, such as easy-to-use courseware authoring and the ability to share courses.

  • Moving Targets – silhouette targets and 3D people with behaviors
  • Weapon Support – compatible with laser weapons from multiple vendors

  • Courseware Authoring – create virtually any type of drill or course

  • Point of Aim Tracing – track muzzle point of aim and movement speed

  • Accurate Shot Detection – fast system calibration and accurate shot detection

  • Detailed After Action Review – including shot time and placement information

  • Course Sharing – package and share courses with other DART users

  • More than 100 Targets – over one hundred of 2D and 3D targets included

For even more capabilities, consider DART MAX.

While DART is perfect for departments that put a premium on portability and affordability, we created DART MAX for those who require additional capabilities. If you’re unsure which system is right for you, contact us and we’ll be happy to go over the advantages of each one.

If you’re still undecided, we have a great offer for you. When you purchase DART, you have a full year to migrate to DART MAX and receive a full 100% credit for your DART system.