Accessible training.

In order to be used frequently, training must be readily accessible. That means that it must be priced so that departments of any size can afford to implement it. It must support the development of a wide variety of skill sets. And it must be easy enough for anyone to set up and use. Take away any of these, and you’re left with a training platform that won’t be used as often as it needs to be.

DART is a new type of simulation training system. Scroll down to see how it addresses the requirements of portability, affordability, capability, and ease of use, and overcomes the limitations of traditional training methods to help make frequent and effective firearms training in your department a reality.

The advantage of portability.

It stands to reason, training that requires the officer to leave the building will not be used as much as training located within the building. DART is small enough to turn any space into a training center, which eliminates one of the largest barriers to frequent training.

Constant access to training makes it possible to train in short, focused sessions. Even 15 minutes before or after a shift a couple of times a week would double the firearms training the average officer receives each year.

Effective training you can actually afford.

By the time you factor in travel, officer pay, and downtime, most budgets simply can’t support more than a few training sessions a year. Simulation training offers substantial savings, but the entry cost for most simulators can easily be $100,000 or more.

A complete DART system begins at less than $10,000. A well-equipped system with all the bells and whistles is less than $15,000 and can pay for itself over time in ammunition savings alone. And because cost is no longer a limiting factor, your officers will practice more. Training effectiveness increases while training costs decrease.

Unlimited training options.

DART uses advanced 3D graphics to create courses and scenarios, which is more flexible than simulators using older video clip technology. This provides DART with exceptional versatility. You’ll find some skills are best practiced using a single stationary silhouette target, while others require a decision-making scenario with multiple moving subjects – all easily achieved with DART using our premade courses or lessons of your own creation.


Powerful features don’t mean anything if the system is too difficult to learn and use. That’s why we paid particular attention to ease of use. Setup and takedown takes less than 10 minutes and point-and-click options make building and editing training courses a snap.

Watch a simple active shooter scenario being created in DART Studio in 30 seconds.

Now see it for yourself.

DART is the only firearms training platform that allows frequent, consistent training because it’s the only one to combine portability, affordability, strong capabilities, and ease of use.

We’d love to show you what makes DART so unique, and how it can address your specific training requirements. Watch the 12-minute demo video now and when you’re ready, schedule a brief online demo tailored to your department’s needs.