Red Fire™ Controller

The DART Red Fire™ controller is an optional accessory for the DART simulator that can activate compatible third-party devices in the real world when pre-defined events happen inside a simulation. This allows you to combine elements from both the virtual and real worlds in your training sessions.

For example, it may be used to trigger the lights on a vest worn by a trainee when a shot is fired from a target or subject within the simulator or activate an external speaker to play a loud explosion.

The Red Fire controller attaches to the DART simulator via a USB cable. Once connected, it acts as a wireless remote control to one or more compatible devices placed inside the training area. Red Fire features two modes – narrow and wide – which can be used to activate devices in a specific area of the room or anywhere in the training area.

Download the Red Fire brochure here.

Narrow Mode

Off the “X” training.

Off the X

Trainers often refer to “getting off the X” as a tactical strategy involving moving from a static position so you do not become an easy target in a gunfight. It’s one of the hardest skills to teach on the range because safety parameters typically restrict how much movement can occur, especially when other shooters are oriented on either side.

Red Fire Solution

The DART Red Fire controller set to Narrow Mode, together with a compatible sensor vest, provides feedback when the student does not move off the “X” after a specified time and helps to ensure the student moves at least a full body position away from their previous location.

Wide Mode

Cover and time-based training.


Set Red Fire to Wide Mode, and use a sensor vest to detect a room-wide “shot” that will activate unless the trainee is behind cover.


Wide mode can also be used effectively for time-based drills. For example, a room-wide shot can be tied to an event inside the DART simulator that requires the trainee to hit a target a specific number of times before a defined time. If the student performs as required, the vest will be prevented from activating.

Red Fire Compatible Products

Tactical Vest

This lightweight vest fits comfortably over a trainee’s outfit and uses multiple sensors to capture hits from simulated gunfire or explosions. The vest records “hits” from targets and TruTargets within the DART simulator to different areas of the body with flashing lights and sound.

The SKIFTECT tactical vest features 8-hour battery life and can provide training instructors with visual and aural feedback when a trainee is hit by shots fired from the DART simulator or a compatible laser training weapon.

Tactical training with DART and SKIFTECH products

Stress Band

The SKIFTECH stress band adds even more realism to your training by creating a pain stimulus when a trainee is “shot”. The SKIFTECH stress band is a safe way to bring stress-based training to DART courses. Simply sync the stress band to a SKIFTECH tactical vest and set the intensity mode, which ranges from a simple vibration to a mild or moderate shock.

i Adds an element of stress to the training process

i Allows the trainee to feel a conditional hit

i Muscle contraction with the hit enhances training realism

i Rechargeable battery lasts 8 hours

i Extremely rugged and durable

i Four intensity levels and vibration mode