Here we discuss new features that are planned, in progress, or recently released. This roadmap is not a complete list of upcoming features, but ones that we find notable. While these features do not have a timeframe for release, they’re here to give you a look at what to expect from DART in the future.

DART Range Improvements

In comparison to DART Studio, DART Range is a pretty simple program.  It performs four core functions.

  • It calibrates the camera and projector to accurately track shots from a laser training gun
  • It runs DART Trace courses, which continuously track the point of aim of a shooter as shots are fired
  • It runs practice sessions, which are simple courses with a single target
  • And it runs full courses designed in DART Studio and DART Creator

After completing a practice session or course, DART Range presents an After Action Review with detailed information on each shot taken.

Past updates have focused on the course and scenario creation tools found in DART Studio.  Our next update will concentrate on improvements to DART Range.  Planned improvements include:

  • Multiple lanes in practice mode
  • Updated After Action Review screens
  • Options to load props and scenes into practice sessions
  • The ability to quickly change time-of-day lighting in practice sessions
  • Improved shot detection speed
  • General program optimizations and enhancements