DART Roadmap

Get insight into the future of DART development and see examples of upcoming features and functionality planned for the newest release. 


Version 4 of DART will be released later this year and features a streamlined UI for easier course creation, support for video-based targets, and greatly expanded target behaviors for a wide range of scenario-based training.

Video targets.

In simulation applications, interactive 3D graphics offer many advantages over video-based systems; however, video targets can offer a high level of realism. In an industry first, DART 4 supports video targets while retaining the advantages of a full 3D system.

3D integration.

Video targets can be integrated into DART’s realistic 3D environments (an industry first), allowing a combination of video and 3D targets in one course.

Easier course creation.

With DART 4’s new streamlined interface, it’s even easier to create target motion.  DART 4 also allows your favorite stages to be copied from one course of fire to another.

Powerful new behaviors.

Target behaviors are part of what make DART courses challenging and unpredictable. Unlike traditional simulators that require a human admin to make decisions, DART 4 can alter a scenario based purely on trainee actions – or random chance.

Animated Props.

Props in DART 4 feature motion paths, shot detection, and behaviors just like DART targets. This allows you to create additional elements of motion inside your courseware such as the moving environment shown here.