DART Roadmap

Get insight into our future plans, and when you can expect access to new features and functionality in the DART platform. All software updates are offered free of charge when they become available.

DART 3.8

The next version of DART will be released in March 2021 and will include the addition of full-motion video targets and support for a wider range of recoil weapons.

Video targets.

In simulation applications, interactive 3D graphics offer many advantages over video-based systems. However, video targets can offer a high level of realism and can be easily created. The upcoming release of DART will allow you to use full-motion video clips as targets.

3D integration.

Video targets can be integrated into DART’s 3D environments by removing the background. Typically this is accomplished by filming the subject against a green or white background and removing the background color. Because this type of video work can be time consuming, we plan to release ready-to-use video targets.

Unlimited combinations.

Combine 2D video targets with existing DART 3D elements like flat targets, TruTargets, and props for unprecedented flexibility.

Video target examples.

A few early examples of video targets in DART.