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As a special thank you for registering, we’d like to offer your department our de-escalation training videos for free.

Although “de-escalation” is a new buzzword, it’s been around for generations. We’ve all heard the stories of the old cops responding to violent calls without backup, and being able to defuse the situation without incident. How did they do that? The answer: a cool head going into it, good communication throughout, and keeping their wits about them.

This training includes 35 minutes of video instruction by Brian Gaynor, a thirty-year veteran of law enforcement. Through discussion and example, Brian uses his wealth of experience to cover this timely and relevant topic. Training is divided into nine segments – each one lasting 3-5 minutes with valuable insights on a variety of discussion topics.

i  Posture and Proximity

i  Respect and Retreat

i  Listen and Let Vent

i  Avoid “Contempt of Cop”

i  Courteous Communication

i  Contact with Citizens

i  Communication During Control

i  Change in Behavior

i  Closing Thoughts