DART Studio

DART Studio is a powerful program used to create an expanded variety of courses, decision-making scenarios, and simulations that go well beyond range and qualification courses. DART Studio adds options for realistic 3D characters, multiple targets per stage, and moveable props and buildings.


TruTargets represent a breakthrough in simulation training. TruTargets are 3D people that move and react realistically within the digital environment. More flexible than 2D videos, TruTargets are free to move around and dynamically change without human intervention.

Multiple, intelligent targets.

DART Studio allows each stage to have up to ten independent targets – each with its own motion,  appearance, and behaviors. Using simple controls, a target can respond to events on screen or from the trainee. This adds unpredictability to training not possible in other simulators.

3D environments.

People don’t operate in a vacuum. They interact and take advantage of entrances, exits, and cover. These structures are referred to as props in DART and can be as simple as a wall or as complex as a school. Leveraging the interactive approach of DART, props can be easily added, removed, and moved around the scene with the mouse in real-time.

Studio features.

  • Everything in DART Creator, plus…

  • TruTargets 3D people

  • Use up to ten targets per stage

  • Each target can move along its own path and at its own speed

  • Combine traditional silhouette targets with 3D TruTargets

  • Realistic props and 3D environments

TruTarget features.

  • Easily create TruTarget paths using the mouse

  • TruTargets walk, jog, run, or sprint automatically based on the time they are given to move from one point to another

  • Extended behaviors allow TruTargets to change to a variety of threat and non-threat poses over time

  • TruTargets realistically respond to hits – leg shot wounds, headshots, etc.

  • Definable TruTarget mortality allows you to set the number and location of shots that stop a threats

3D environment features.

  • Select from dozens of props including walls, doors, and complete rooms

  • Set bullet penetration for each prop

  • Adjust the brightness of prop with lights

  • Load and save groups of props as complete scenes

  • Easily position and rotate props using the mouse

  • Props interact with stage lighting in real-time