DART Range

The heart of the DART system. DART Range is included in every DART system and is used to practice decision making, marksmanship, and critical firearms skills in a wide variety of realistic digital environments. Load any of the dozens of pre-made courses that come with the system, optional courses developed by our training staff, or create your own using DART Creator and DART Studio.

Unlimited practice.

DART Range can quickly generate practice courses with just a couple of mouse clicks. This allows officers to benefit from short practice sessions without the need for a system administrator. But the real power of DART Range are courses developed in DART Creator and DART Studio, which allow you to customize courses to meet your specific training goals.

After-action review.

DART Range provides a detailed after-action review after each course which shows the impact and timing of every shot.

Real-time shot tracking.

Track pistol movement during all phases of a shot: target acquisition, trigger pull and follow through. Once the shot is made, the shooter’s aim point can be replayed in real-time along with various data points, which can be used to analyze shooting performance.

DART Experience.

Now you can completely automate running courses of fire for one or two shooters. Since many departments using DART work with Explorer and citizen groups, we developed the DART Experience module to provide an easy way for them to experience decision making and shooting a firearm in a completely safe environment.

Range features.

  • Run courses developed in DART Range and DART Studio

  • Adjust gunshot, zone hits, and ambient sound volume

  • Run practice sessions without rules or requirements

  • Trace muzzle aim with DART Traces (requires an optional laser training weapon)

  • Run automated lessons with DART Experience

  • Fast and accurate shot detection

  • Extremely simple calibration – even in a lighted room

  • Pass/fail grade based on total score or percentage of hits

  • Track total shot count and total time

  • After-action reviews can be saved to disk