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The Weapon Options Menu

The Weapon Options Menu

Weapon Options provide a way to align the aim of a laser training weapon in software and save that information to a file which can be loaded during subsequent sessions.


Note: Adjusting the aim of a training weapon is seldom required. When it is needed, it is generally preferable to adjust the training weapon itself. However, there are some cases when small software adjustments are necessary or preferred. These small adjustments are easily done with the Weapon Options settings.


Sight Alignment

Sight Alignment uses two sliders – Horizontal and Vertical Offset. Follow these steps to adjust the aim of a training weapon.

  • Make sure that both sliders are set to zero.
  • Fire the training weapon at the target.
  • A red X will mark the location of the laser. Adjust the mark by moving the sliders. For example, if the shot should have hit an inch to the right, move the horizontal slider to 10. You will see a red X move to the right, marking the adjusted location.
  • Fire the weapon again. The bullet hole will appear in the center of the red X, which is now to the right of the area that the laser hit, as marked by a blue circle and white dot. Keep making adjustments until you are satisfied with the aim.

Clear Target

Removes all bullet holes from the target.

Load Settings

Opens a dialog that allows you to load a previously saved sight alignment file.

Save Settings

Opens a dialog window that allows you to save the current sight alignment settings.


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