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Scene Props

Scene Props

DART Studio courses can make use of scene props. These are 3D objects which can be simple in nature such as a wall, or more complex objects. Props can be used as cover for targets or recreating real-world locations and situations.

In the current version of DART Studio, there are no options for creating or loading scene props directly. However, you can load courses containing props and easily edit their positions. Future versions of DART Studio will allow you to load props as you would courses and targets.

Moving a Prop

To move a prop, position your mouse over a prop and right-click the mouse. Move the mouse while holding down to the right mouse button to move the prop.

Rotating a Prop

You can rotate a prop in 5-degree increments by right-clicking the mouse over a prop and moving the mouse’s scroll wheel while holding down to the right mouse button.

Hide a Prop

To hide a prop, move the prop off the left or right side of the screen and release the right mouse button.


Try It. Load the course called Simple Props from the Example Courses folder. Try moving and rotating the walls by following the directions above.



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