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The Stage Navigation Bar

The Stage Navigation Bar

The stage navigation bar, located across the top of the screen, displays the name of the course and number of stages on the left and the name of the selected target and number of targets on the right. In the center are icons for moving between stages, adding and deleting stages, and editing stage order.


Note: Although DART Range supports up to ten targets per stage, DART Creator is only able to edit a single target per stage. If you need to create and edit courses of fire with multiple intelligent targets, contact us about DART Studio.



Note: Because every course must contain at least one stage, the delete stage icon is ghosted whenever a course contains a single stage.



The left side of the stage navigation bar displays the name of the currently loaded course and the current number of stages in the course. It also displays the currently selected stage. For example, if the display reads Stage 2 of 3, you know that there are currently three stages in the course and that you are viewing the second stage. This is important because any changes you make to the stage such as the amount of shots or time allowed will only affect the currently selected stage.

Previous, Next Stage

In order to move between stages, use the previous and next stage (left and right arrow) icons in the stage navigation bar.


Try It. Click the Add Stage (plus) icon twice to add two new stages to your course. You should notice the stage counter change to Stage 3 of 3 (adding a stage will always move you to the new stage). Now click the Previous Stage (left arrow) icon twice. Notice that the first stage is now selected.



Note: If you are working on a course with a single stage, you will notice that the previous and next icons are ghosted. This is because you cannot select a different stage when there is only one stage in a course.


Add, Delete Stages

Clicking the add stage (plus) icon will add a new stage and automatically move you to the new stage. Clicking the delete stage (x icon) will delete the currently selected stage.


Important! Deleting a stage cannot be undone; however, the changes to your course are not saved until you use the Save Course command under the Courses menu.


Edit Stage

Beside the options just discussed for adding, deleting, and moving through stages, DART Creator has a very useful tool for copying, naming, and rearranging stages very easy. Clicking the edit stage (pencil) icon will open The Stage Editor dialog.


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