DART Creator

Screen Layout

Screen Layout

The DART Creator screen (sometimes referred to as the user interface or UI) is divided into four sections: the stage navigation bar, main display, menu bar, and command panel.

The Stage Navigation Bar

The stage navigation bar located across the top of the screen displays the name of the course and number of stages on the left side, and the name of the selected target and number of targets on the right. In the center of the stage navigation bar are icons for moving between stages, adding and deleting stages, and editing stage order.


Note: Although DART Range supports up to ten targets per stage, DART Creator is only able to edit a single target per stage. If you need to create and edit courses of fire with multiple intelligent targets, contact us about DART Studio.



Note: Because every course must contain at least one stage, the delete stage icon is ghosted whenever a course contains a single stage.


The Main Display

The main display shows a preview of the course and allows you to test course settings, such as target movement.

The Menu Bar

The menu bar at the bottom of the screen is where you will access all commands for loading, editing, and saving courses of fire. At the far left of the menu strip is a back-arrow icon that will move you back to the previous menu. The help icon located at the far right will open context-sensitive help when clicked.

Command Panels

Many menu selections, such as Rules, have multiple options. These options are shown in command panels which appear above the menu bar.

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