DART Range

The Setup Menu

The Setup Menu

Before DART Range can be used, it must be calibrated. This is done with the commands found in the Setup menu.


Calibration is a two-step process that aligns DART’s camera and the projected image. The first step is to position DART so that it captures the entire projected image. The second step defines the extents of the projected area and measures the maximum brightness of the projected image. Refer to the Calibration Guide for a step-by-step walkthrough of calibration.

Target Scale

The Target Scale options ensure that the target size is correctly calculated and displayed based on the size of the projected image and the distance of the shooter from the wall/screen. Detailed information about Target Scale is contained in the Calibration Guide.

Light Filter

DART Range uses a pixel’s brightness to detect the laser of a training weapon. To function correctly, DART must distinguish the light of the laser from the light of the projector and room lighting. The Light Filter option is used for this purpose. Refer to the Calibration Guide for more information.

Weapon Options

Opens the Weapon Options menu.

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