DART Range

The Preferences Menu

The Preferences Menu

The Preferences menu options allow you to customize the volume, display of the side menu, and keyboard controls of DART Range.

Volume Control

DART Range allows you to independently adjust the volume of gun shots, zone hit sound effects, ambient sounds (which includes video instructions), and countdown sound effects.


Note: Remember that volume level is also controlled by the Windows operating system as well as the volume setting on the speaker itself.


Side Menu On/Off

Toggles the display of the side target menu on and off. The side menu can be used during practice sessions and allows the shooter to control various aspects of the range.

+1 / -1 – moves the target forward or backwards one yard. Target movement is restricted to a range of 3 to 25 yards.

+5 / -5 – moves the target forward or backwards five yards.

Zoom – instantly brings the target forward. This makes it easier to see shot locations which may be difficult to see depending upon target range and color.

Reset – clears all bullet holes from the target and resets the position of the target to 3 yards.


Note: The side menu is intended for use during practice sessions. It is automatically hidden whenever a course is run. 


Define Hotkeys

Most program options may be quickly accessed through keyboard shortcuts. For example you can restart a course no matter where you are in DART Creator by pressing the R key. These keyboard shortcuts can be viewed and changed using the Define Hotkeys option. To define a hotkey, follow these steps:

  • Select the Define Hotkeys button.
  • In the dialog window, use the mouse scroll wheel to move through the list of commands.
  • Double-click the mouse button on the preferred command. The command will highlight in red.
  • Press a key or key combination. DART recognizes Left Shift, Right Shift, Alt, and Ctrl keys separately.
  • Select the Accept button to keep and save your settings.


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