DART Creator

DART Creator™ allows DART users to develop and customize courses of fire specific to department training objectives. Courses are made up of one or more stages – each with its own range settings, target, scoring options, requirements, and rules. Creator’s powerful features are rolled up in an interface that is exceptionally easy to use. With DART Creator, you’ll be creating specialized training courses in minutes.

The Courses Menu

The Courses menu features options for loading and saving courses, setting a required passing score for a course, and previewing course settings such as target motion and behavior.

  • Save an infinite number of courses of your own design
  • Set pass/fail requirements using total course score or a percentage of hits
  • Preview course settings for a particular stage or entire course
The Stages Menu

Each course is made of up to thirty individual stages. Each stage can have its own target, instructions, rules, and requirements. The Stages menu contains options for setting stage rules, instructions, and lighting.

  • Set the number of allowable shots in a stage
  • Set the amount of time per stage
  • Include text, image, or video instructions for each stage
  • Set the amount of time instructions are shown
  • Assign a customizable countdown for a stage
  • Adjust stage lighting using realistic time-of-day adjustments
The Targets Menu

Each stage can have its own unique target and engagement requirements that allow you to specify exact areas of the target which must be hit in order to pass a stage. These options are contained in the Targets menu.

  • Select from hundreds of ready-made targets or create your own
  • Assign a 3D path to a target which allows it to travel in any direction
  • Adjust the travel speed of a target
  • Set the starting behavior for a target, such as pop-up, rotate, etc.
  • Require a specific number of hits to particular zones of a target
  • Apply simulated recoil which requires the shooter to reacquire a target after each hit
The Target Editor

DART comes packaged with more than 100 targets however; there, may be times when you need to edit an existing target or create one of your own. The Target Editor provides the options for doing this. A special feature of DART targets is the zone hit audio that allows you to tie an audio sound to a particular target zone. When the zone is shot, the audio file plays. This allows you to hear shot placement at times when target distance prevents you from seeing it.

  • More than 100 real-world targets
  • Set target width and height
  • Each target can have up to eight scoring zones
  • Set the score for each target zone
  • Select an audio file for each target zone

Countdown options allow you to set the length of the countdown and trigger audio and visual cues which prepare the shooter.

Lighting options allow you to control lighting levels using accurate time of day controls.

Target options allow you to simulate the effect of recoil when using a non-recoil training weapon. This forces the shooter to reacquire the target between shots.

Target zones each have their own score value and associated audio file, which triggers a sound whenever a particular zone is shot. This makes it possible to hear the placement of a shot even if the target is too far down range to see bullet holes in the paper.


We've worked hard to develop a great training program, but at the end of the day you're the one that knows the features and capabilities you need better than anyone else. If there's a special feature you need, or if you have a great idea that would help make DART even more useful, please tell us what it is. We'd love to work with you to make DART the best it can be. Please include your phone number if you would like to speak with someone personally about your idea.

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