Just because DART is small doesn’t make it light on features. DART uses the latest hardware and software technology to deliver a system capable of running high-fidelity 3D simulations. Each DART system comes with DART Range, DART Creator and Visible Weapon software installed and ready to run.

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DART Range

DART Range allows you to practice marksmanship skills on a realistic digital replica of a live-fire range.

  • Load an unlimited number of courses created in DART Creator
  • Independently adjust gunshot, zone hits and ambient volumes
  • Side menus allow you to “shoot” most used options
  • Adjust the color of the menu system
  • Every option can be controlled by user-defined keyboard shortcuts
  • Context sensitive help
  • Simple calibration process
  • Fine tune the aim of laser weapons


DART Creator

DART Creator allows you to create courses of fire with an unlimited number of stages, each with their own targets, rules, and conditions. DART Creator comes with 100 targets and allows you to create your own.

  • More than 100 real-world targets (see them here)
  • Create courses with an unlimited number of stages
  • Adjust range graphics and brightness
  • Set pass/fail course score
  • Use random or fixed targets
  • Rotate targets on entry option
  • Simulated recoil strength replicates the effect of weapon recoil
  • Set max shots allowed
  • Set max time allowed
  • Set minimum shots required in specific zones
  • Create your own targets with the Target Editor
  • Assign audio files to each zone that are played when hit

Learn more about DART Creator here.


Visible Weapon

Visible Weapon software comes standard with every DART system and is designed to augment live-fire instruction by familiarizing students with the mechanics of a weapon including its individual parts, function, and cycle of operation. Using realistic 3D graphics and interactive animation, the Visible Weapon series communicates information visually in a way that stimulates learning and improves comprehension and understanding. Visible Weapon is a DART exclusive and isn’t available with any other firearms simulator at any price.

  • Explore the form and function of a Gen 3 GLOCK 19
  • High-fidelity, interactive 3D graphics
  • Training on the unique safety mechanisms of a GLOCK pistol
  • Interactive field stripping instruction
  • Part identification and quiz modes
  • Interactively rotate and zoom into parts collectively or individually
  • Turn any part or assembly solid, transparent, or invisible
  • Comes with a generous site license that covers all officers in a department


Schedule a DART Range Demo

We'd love to show you some of the things that make DART unique. We offer online demonstrations that last about 30 minutes and provide a great overview of the DART system.

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We've worked hard to develop a great training program, but at the end of the day you're the one that knows the features and capabilities you need better than anyone else. If there's a special feature you need, or if you have a great idea that would help make DART even more useful, please tell us what it is. We'd love to work with you to make DART the best it can be. Please include your phone number if you would like to speak with someone personally about your idea.

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