We’re trained to think that high priced products are always better. But a quality simulator can be fairly and affordably priced. We believe that critical training should be available to everyone, so we designed an incredible product then focused on reasonable pricing by increasing company efficiencies and reducing excessive markups. The result is DART’s simple pricing structure.


DART System | $4,995

The DART System includes the DART computer and three powerful software programs; DART Range, DART Creator, and the Visible Weapon – an interactive 3D simulation of a GLOCK 19 pistol. You provide your own projector and laser training weapon.


DART Bundle | $5,995

The DART Bundle includes the DART System plus compatible projector and laser training pistol of your choice. Everything needed to set up your digital range.


DART Advanced Training Bundle | $6,995

The DART Advanced Training bundle includes everything in the DART Bundle plus 30 Precision and Combat Skill Courses (including extra targets, courses, and audio files), 20 US State Qualification Courses (including extra targets, courses, and audio files), an in-depth Train the Trainer manual for DART including 12 instructional videos, an extra magazine for your laser training weapon, 5 dummy rounds (used for reload drills in some of the Precision and Combat Skill Courses), 6 pre-printed blocks (used in Block Drills found in the Precision and Combat Skill Courses), and phone support from dedicated law enforcement trainers.


Lease Options Available

With our flexible lease options, your DART purchase can be spread over three, four, and five years with payments as low as $100 per month. You may even defer payments for one full year to allow your purchase to count against next year’s budget. Contact us for more information.

Prices shown represent North America pricing only. Prices vary in other countries. Contact Digimation for a list of international distributors and pricing.

Download a DART Quote Packet

DART is easy to use and purchase. We’ve created a simple quote packet for you which contains pricing, a description of the product, and clear advantages of ownership.

If you would like a specific quote with your department’s information, please call (407) 833-0600 or email

Schedule a DART Range Demo

We'd love to show you some of the things that make DART unique. We offer online demonstrations that last about 30 minutes and provide a great overview of the DART system.

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