We’re trained to think that high-priced products are always better. But a quality simulator can be fairly and affordably priced. We believe that critical training should be available to everyone, so we designed an incredible product then focused on reasonable pricing by increasing company efficiencies and reducing excessive markups. The result is DART’s simple pricing structure.

DART System | $5,500

The DART System includes the DART computer, DART Range, and DART Creator, which allows you to create and modify courses of fire. You provide your own projector and laser training weapon. 

DART Bundle | $6,500

The DART Bundle includes the DART System plus compatible projector, speaker, and laser training pistol of your choice. Everything needed to set up your digital range.

DART Accessories


DART Studio | $1,500

Every DART system comes with DART Creator software, which is used to construct basic courses of fire such as state qualification courses and other courses you might shoot on a live-fire range. With a focus on the most used features, DART Creator strikes a good balance between capabilities and ease of use. 

With the release of DART 2, we’re excited to announce the availability of DART Studio – a powerful program used to create a broader variety of courses, scenarios, and simulations. Some of the expanded features of DART Studio include:

  • Create courses of fire with up to 10 targets per stage
  • Use 3D paths to move targets in unlimited ways
  • Targets can exhibit unpredictable and life-like behaviors through the use of triggers and actions
  • Add background audio to courses to provide further instruction, heighten stress, or add realism to scenarios
  • Use video to teach training principles before a course of fire begins

DART Studio uses all the power of DART 2 to allow you to create versatile and effective training programs for your department.

DART Trace | $1,000

DART Trace™ is a shot-tracking software and hardware extension for the DART firearms training simulator. DART Trace tracks the movement of a firearm during all phases of a shot: target acquisition, aim, trigger pull, and follow through. Once a shot is made, the shooter’s aim point can be replayed in real time along with various data points, which can be used to analyze shooting performance.

DART Trace includes software and a dedicated DART Trace laser weapon and is fully compatible with targets and courses developed in DART Creator, allowing for a wide variety of customized drills.

Visible Weapon | $500

Visible Weapon software augments live-fire instruction by familiarizing students with the mechanics of a weapon including its individual parts, function, and cycle of operation. Using realistic 3D graphics and interactive animation, the Visible Weapon communicates information visually in a way that stimulates learning and improves comprehension and understanding.

US Police Instructor Teams Advanced Training Package | $1,200

Designed exclusively for the DART system by US Police Instructor Teams, the Advanced Training package includes 30 Precision and Combat Skill Courses for DART (including extra targets), an in-depth Train the Trainer manual for DART including 12 instructional videos, and phone support from a dedicated law enforcement trainer.

DART Travel Package | $600

The DART Travel Package comes with a rugged, wheeled hard case with a customizable padded interior, 15-foot extension cord, multi-outlet surge suppressor, and an upgraded audio system. Everything you need to take DART on the road.

Short Throw Option | $2,000

A combination of a short throw projector and wide-angle, no-distortion lens for the DART system which allows it to be positioned just three feet away from a wall or screen (opposed to the normal ten feet required). This is particularly useful for small training rooms, or when extra space is desired for combat-oriented movement behind the DART system. Also includes a 30-watt external speaker.

Training Firearms | CALL FOR PRICING

We offer a wide selection of DART compatible training weapons. Call us for more information.

Lease Options Available

With our flexible lease options, your DART purchase can be spread over three, four, and five years with payments less than $200 per month. You may even defer payments for one full year to allow your purchase to count against next year’s budget. Contact us for more information.

Prices shown represent North America pricing only. Prices vary in other countries. Contact Digimation for a list of international distributors and pricing.

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