We often assume that higher-priced products are always better. But a quality simulator can be fairly and affordably priced. We believe that critical training should be available to everyone, so we designed an incredible product then focused on reasonable pricing by increasing company efficiencies and reducing excessive markups. The result is DART’s simple pricing structure. We also provide lease options and grant assistance.

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Base Components

DART System $6,500

The DART system includes the DART computer with an integrated IR camera, keyboard, mouse, and soft carrying case. Each DART system also includes DART Range, 30 pistol training courses, and DART Creator software, which allows you to create and modify basic courses of fire.

The DART system requires a compatible projector and laser training weapon.

DART Accessories

Standard AV Bundle $800

The AV Bundle includes an XGA projector and 25W external speaker.

Short Throw AV Bundle $1,300

A short-throw projector that can be positioned just three feet away from a wall or screen (opposed to the normal ten feet required). This is particularly useful for small training rooms. Includes a 25W external speaker.

Travel Package $700

The DART Travel Package includes a rugged, wheeled hard case with a customizable padded interior, a 15-foot extension cord, and a multi-outlet surge suppressor. Everything you need to take DART on the road.

Software Options

DART Studio $2,000

DART Studio expands course creation capabilities by including 3D props and human targets. Learn more about DART Studio here.

DART Trace $1,500

DART Trace™ is a shot-tracking extension for DART. DART Trace tracks the movement of a firearm during all phases of a shot: target acquisition, aim, trigger pull, and follow through. Once a shot is made, the shooter’s aim point can be replayed in real-time along with various data points, which can be used to analyze shooting performance. Learn more about DART Trace here.

Visible Weapon $500

Visible Weapon™ is designed to augment live-fire instruction by familiarizing students with the mechanics of a weapon including its individual parts, function, and cycle of operation. Learn more about DART Visible Weapon here.

Training Weapons

SIRT Laser Training Weapon $600

Rugged laser training weapon equipped with an IR (invisible) laser in your choice of styles. Extra magazines are available. 

SIRT Bolt $300

Use your existing AR-15 platform with the SIRT-AR Bolt for high volume, IR laser training. The SIRT Bolt turns your AR into an auto-resetting trigger so that every time you pull the trigger a laser is fired. 

Smart Firearms Laser Training Weapon $500

Laser training weapon equipped with an IR (invisible) laser and unintentional discharge sensor in your choice of styles. Extra magazines are available. 

SF-M4 Rifle $700

Laser training rifle featuring unintentional discharge sensor, round counter which tells the gun to go empty, working safety selector switch, charging handle, magazine release, and forward assist.

DART Training

Advanced Training Courses $1,200

Designed by US Police Instructor Teams, the Advanced Training package includes 30 premade Precision and Combat Skill Courses for DART and phone support from a dedicated law enforcement trainer.

Environment Courses $800

Designed by US Police Instructor Teams, these 15 courses include 160 2D human photo targets. Our goal was to move away from standard range targets. Threat and non-threat targets move all over the place. Another great feature are the obstacles, such as walls and environments (school, building, etc.).

Technical Training $1,000

A full day of training centered on using the DART system – from setup to building your own courses. Training can be conducted at your facility (additional cost for travel) or at our headquarters in Orlando, Florida. 

Tactical Training $1,000

A full day of training focused on integrating simulation training into your existing program. Training can be conducted at your facility (additional cost for travel) or at our headquarters in Orlando.