Advantages of Simulation Training

Intensive national and international studies have been conducted to determine the effectiveness of firearms training within a simulated environment. Two studies in particular, conducted by FLETC and INTERPOL, set out to discover if pistol shooting skills could be acquired, maintained, and improved upon using a firearms training simulator.

These studies used multiple groups of trainees – some using live-fire and others using simulated training. The results were remarkable. Not only were the skills of those using simulation training on par with those trained on a live-fire range, the INTERPOL study found that the skills developed by students using simulation training were better maintained than their live-fire trained peers.

The studies revealed that a police officer can acquire all of their pistol skills in the absence of live-fire using only dry-fire pistols, that the skills are transferable to a real world setting, and that the skills are better maintained than their live-fire trained peers.

Gregory P. Kratzig

March 2013 Issue - International Police Training Journal

In addition, the FLETC study noted several important advantages of simulation training.

Since training with laser handguns didn’t require hearing protection, instructors were able to carry on normal conversations while instructing students in the proper stance, grip, sight alignment, and trigger control.

Other benefits include a reduction in ammunition usage, accompanying cost savings associated with range maintenance, a safer environment, and freeing up valuable range time. This additional range time could then be used to teach more advanced live-fire courses and/or increase the throughput of basic training classes. Furthermore, since basic marksmanship using a laser handgun can be taught in a large classroom, those without an indoor range can still train no matter what the weather conditions might be outside.

We determined that pistol training can be conducted in a simulated range environment and that live-fire and recoil are not necessary to learn how to accurately shoot a pistol. In fact, training in this environment transfers directly to performance in a live-fire environment.

Gregory P. Kratzig

March 2013 Issue - International Police Training Journal

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