Already Using Simulation Training?

If your department is fortunate enough to own one of the established firearms simulators – that’s terrific. Adding DART to your training program can multiply the benefits you are already receiving and help maximize the value in your current simulator.


More Training Time

No doubt you’re already familiar with the benefits of virtual training. But even if the system ran 24 hours a day, each officer in a medium-sized department would likely receive less than six hours of simulator training per year. Most expensive training systems offer deescalation and marksmanship training. DART specializes in marksmanship training, so offloading range training to DART frees up your expensive system for what it does best. DART can help you multiply your training throughput many times over.


Less Training Costs

Augmenting live-fire practice with Simulation training saves money by lowering ammunition costs, range fees, and wear and tear on equipment. The more simulation training is employed, the more money it can save. Deploying DART systems in the field makes training more accessible. Better access means more simulation training, and more simulation training equals lower costs.


DART Brochure

“This is a must have product!”

Derrick Becton

Training Supervisor, Altamonte Springs Police Department

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